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Reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen. Increase your chances of getting it back.

How does it work?

Create an account and register your bike's serial number and other key information.

Once registered, if you decide to sell your bike it can be transferred to its new owner using the transfer bike option in your bike rack.


If your bike goes missing you can mark it as stolen. This will allow the police to get in contact with you if they find your bike. 

The potential buyer can search the database to check the status of the bike. There are two statuses, Registered and Stolen. The buyer can then send the owner an alert that the bike has been found.


In 2019 we asked New Zealanders about their experience with bike theft.

In the past 5 years have you experienced bike theft?

45% - No

55% - Yes

If yes, did you ever see your bike again?

83% - No

17% - Yes

What does this mean?

Far too many bikes are being stolen in New Zealand and not nearly enough are being returned to their owners.

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